WordCamp US Bowling Shirts

Recently WordCamp US announced the after-party at Luck Strike. If you plan on attending the after party, there’s a brief window to getting a WordPress bowling shirt for the event. Please read all the information below before submitting. And thank you!

Store Is Now Closed! Thanks To Everyone!

Update: The very kind Michelle Schulp has updated our wapuu design. See below.

Update: Women’s Sizes SHOULD be available (although just in case please fill out the ordering form fully) and women’s shirts will be WHITE (not BLACK). We have also removed one design because it wasn’t getting any love. We will reach out to the very few who bought it. You can change your design or you’ll get a refund.

– Sales end at 1pm EST tomorrow (November 19th) 10am EST November 20th.
– These will be American Apparel Next Level shirts (which is similar to American Apparel). As you’ll see in the order form, i will do my best to get women’s sizes. However there’s a chance I might be able to (or not enough, or in right sizes) due to inventory. Please check off if you would like to get a refund if we cannot get the women’s shirt.
– Shirts will delivered to me in time for WordCamp US. I will bring them up to me (or ship them directly to my hotel) in time for the Community Summit. If there is ANY delay or change of plans I will email you directly. If you’re attending the Community summit I can give the shirts out outside of the summit building at lunchtime, or you can find me Friday morning at the WordCamp US venue. Otherwise i’ll hand remaining shirts out at the after party.
– Pick a design but realize that designs might be tweaked at the last minute. Shirt colors are not guaranteed due to inventory. You must be happy with the worse case scenario of getting a black shirt with the artwork.
– While i have permission from WCUS, realize this is NOT an official product of the conference and this is all last minute. Ping me on Twitter if you have questions. Refund policy: for some reason i cannot get the women’s size (and you have checked off that you want the refund under that circumstance) or if by the after-party I don’t have your t-shirt then i’ll refund you via Paypal.
– There’s a slim chance that if you pick a design that isn’t popular (doesn’t sell more than one or two shirts) that i might ask you if you want another design OR issue you a refund.
– YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO RECEIVE THE SHIRT. If by some emergency you are not at WordCamp US let me know and we’ll see how we can get it to you. But please don’t order a shirt unless you plan be at WordCamp US unless you want to pay for shipping.
– In case you were wondering, i am NOT making profit and happy to share the receipts. If by some miracle I actually end up making money, i will donate the funds to the WordPress Foundation.


Shirt #2: maybe_pickup_spare()
Shirt #2: maybe_pickup_spare()
Shirt #3: "Wapuu Bowler"
Shirt #3: “Wapuu Bowler”

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Building Next-Generation Applications With BuddyPress

Screenshot 2015-11-09 14.16.11

As someone who doesn’t give WordCamp talks often (I organize them, like with WordCamp Miami which is coming up at Feb 19-21), it was especially humbling that I was choosen to speak at the very first WordCamp US (right now the schedule puts me in the late afternoon on Friday December 4th). That’s less than a month away as I write this.

My talk will be about BuddyPress. If you know me at all, this isn’t too surprising since i am (among doing complex WordPress themes and coding plugins) a BuddyPress developer (at various times in my schedule i’m almost a full-time developer on BuddyPress related projects). The talk is aimed at the general audience – perhaps you run a single site, you’re an agency, you work at a higher-educational institution, or you’re a developer trying to bring the maximum amount of value to your client projects.

I’ll be posting slides here right before my talk, but in the meantime there’s still time to grab tickets to WordCamp US. If you can get your butt there physically you can grab a live stream ticket. See you there, one way or the other.

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Why Volunteer T-Shirts Are Important

17785365124_d1f69402b8_kHard to believe that WordCamp Miami is going into it’s 8th year.This year the lead organizer is a good friend of mine Ptah Dunbar. I can’t think of anyone right now more capable of keeping the ship on course.

One thing that I’m glad that Ptah, myself, and other organizers decided on: t-shirts especially for volunteers. Yeah, I know – sounds small and minor. But bear with me. In the past WordCamp Miami volunteers had various badges – great if you wanted to know if the person right beside you was a volunteer. But you can’t see badges at great (and not so great) distances. Also usually you have to be facing that person and have a direct line of site.

Why is this important and worth a few minutes of reading? Because safety for attendees at conferences should be very prominent in the minds of the organizers. Many times people look for volunteers to find rooms or areas at the venue – but what if they needed to find someone to report a Code of Conduct violation? What if they want to report a problem with the venue or the event that the organizers and volunteer are missing? Something that needs immediate attention. While events should have ways of reporting and notifying volunteers and coordinators of urgent issues privately (something that WordCamp Miami has had in the past, but will greatly improve in 2016), it’s important to take a look around you and easily be able to spot a volunteer.

And that’s why having a UNIQUE BRIGHTLY COLORED t-shirt for volunteers at events is important.

It’s so important that this year, WCMIA put dedicated t-shirts for volunteers into our base budget. Someone wearing a volunteer t-shirt should be approachable and be able to listen first and then if appropriate direct urgent matters to organizers. I know this has been done by MANY WordCamps and events in the past. This is nothing new. But something I thought I would share, as maybe it hasn’t been considered by some.

If you organize an event, consider putting unique shirts for volunteers into your base budget.

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Special Folks And Highlights of WordCamp Miami 2015

We recently just announced our 8th WordCamp Miami, scheduled for February 19th-21st 2016. We moved the event back to earlier in the year (we kept sliding later and later into the year – and many people loved it before when they could escape their cold homes and come down to Florida).

I usually write a followup post about the previous WordCamps, but my summer schedule was slammed. I wanted to showcase some of the highlights from WordCamp Miami 2015 and also shine a light on people that helped out. I’m not talking about the wonderful organizers or volunteers (if i was, this article wouldn’t be talking about anyone else and it would be huge… every organizer and volunteer rocked WCMIA 2015 but for the sake of giving others a fair chance let’s go past that) but BESIDES THEM some people TRULY really stepped up. And that’s cool, because mostly it’s people that came from great distances. Also a note that it’s not just me highlighting events and people, but many of these were backed up by our post-event feedback.

Pie on Saturday

2015-05-30 15.02.29

2015-05-30 14.42.05
Oh god… the pie. WordCamp Miami has always been known for it’s food but thanks to Justin Sainton we had a break on Saturday afternoon and the pies were there for the taking. Justin approached WCMIA with the idea – and the offer to pay for the majority of the sweet, sweet sugar containers.

The attention and the feedback afterwards rivals our traditional ice cream social – so that’s high praises right there.

So thanks to Justin for a great idea and (depending on how our budget goes this year) might be a standard of a new tradition.

2015-05-30 15.04.03


A highlight of WCMIA – according to our feedback – was not really an event itself but our badges. If you attended WordCamps before and attended WCMIA 2015 this year, you notice that the custom badges we had were different that we’ve had in years past. They were made of a material that you would commonly see in outdoor signage… it was actually was the result of quite a bit of experimentation from a local set of printers. They were practically indestructible and water proof.



All of our sponsors should be greatly thanked for their support of WordCamp Miami. ServerPress though came through in a way that wasn’t talked about in any official or public way. Leaving some details out – WCMIA had a last minute LARGE addition to it’s budget and if it wasn’t for ServerPress and Marc Benzakein it would have been more of a headache for the planning committee. ServerPress isn’t like those big huge companies that can throw out money for any sponsorships – and someone like me (a freelancer) can really appreciate that. So thanks to them and Marc. Also Marc was able to give a great presentation at our pre-WordCamp party on that Thursday night about how to get the most from WordCamps.

Speaker Cards

2015-05-31 14.06.50

Once again we got some great feedback about the WordCamp Miami speaker cards, a tradition we started back in 2013. They started off of as a way to encourage attendees to meet new people and network (prizes would depend on people having collected certain cards), but we have had people over the years treat them as business cards from the speakers too. For 2016, i’m hoping to see if there’s a way we can make this more interesting (suggestions are welcome – just ping me on Twitter).

Chris Lema / Crowd Favorite

2015-05-30 13.33.28

Chris Lema has always been a great supporter of WordCamp Miami, but credit to him for giving two presentations on that weekend. But even bigger thanks to Crowd Favorite (which Chris also works at) by being the primary sponsor for our Ice Cream social on Sunday – we even had a poll for the most popular ice cream flavors. This ice cream isn’t normal ice cream – it’s from Chill’n and is Nitrogen frozen cream… the website explains the process and what makes this superior to the stuff you buy in the store… but trust me in that it’s pretty much the Lexus (or BMW?) of ice creams. It’s gotten to the point where people ask us if we’re still doing our ice cream socials on Sunday when they purchase their tickets. I don’t think we’ll be doing anything different for Sunday treats anytime soon.

Biggest and Best Workshops Ever

2015-05-29 16.33.07

WordCamp Miami has been a three day event for some time, but we grew to a point where we had our first three workshop day on the Friday before the main weekend. Check the schedule to know about everyone involved. And while it’s somewhat unfair in my mind to call out specfic people – everyone was appreciated – but some of our longest supporters we also present and deserve a mention. Thanks to SiteGround for helping out with the beginner’s workshop and thanks to John James Jacoby for his always constant support of BuddyCamp. I’m also proud to say our front-end developers workshop had very high marks from our post-event feedback and was the first workshop to sell out.

Pre-WordCamp Festivities

2015-05-28 19.03.37

We also got good feedback from the approximately 100 people who managed to make it to Miami Ad School. While enjoying the food, half of us watched or participated in some soccer matches. We want to thank Miami Ad School for the space (for free!) and allowing us to make lots of noise.

2015-05-28 19.47.14

FIU (Our Venue)

It wouldn’t be a good list without mentioning FIU and the various people that worked with us. We had to quickly get our heads wrapped around a new venue like FIU, and we are working together now for a better experience in Feb 2016.


2015-10-14 19.42.44

As i feared, i always tend to leave people out so I wanted to quickly mention two people not officially part of the organization/volunteer collective that helped us out:

Michelle Schulp helped out with creating My Little Pony stickers (to my knowledge the first MLP stickers at a WordCamp). You can see a picture of the sticker on my wife’s badge above.

Pascal Depuhl is a local photographer, filmmaker and marketer. He also teaches photographers how to transition from still photography into shooting video. He had a WordCamp Miami “photo booth” setup at the event where many took advantage of allowing him to record and produce a brief video of them. It was impressive, and we are planning on bringing that back to the next WordCamp Miami in a bigger and better way.

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