Mention of WordCamp Miami On DradCast

I didn’t want DradCast (particularly Brad Williams) mention of WordCamp Miami in the latest episode (with Zac Gordon) go unnoticed. Zac Gordon is being interviewed about JavaScript and mentions WordCamp Miami’s upcoming “Learn JavaScript Track”. Brad Williams makes some comments (start at 13:10 and again at 15:55)


“WordCamp Miami has a history of being trendsetters… If you have never been to WordCamp Miami and have been on the fence, you should go. It’s always a bit above and beyond most WordCamps. Not only is the content great (they get amazing speakers around the country and the word), they really think about the little details. And those little details add up and put the event over the top. If you are thinking about going, you should go. It’s a great event.”

It’s nice to be acknowledged, and it is truly a team effort (Ptah Dunbar – lead coordinator for 2016 – is mentioned and so am I, but last year and this year we have over 9 organizers on the committee not to mention dozens of other volunteers).

And if you are involved in WordPress and aren’t listening to the DradCast, change that now! Start listening. Dre and Brad have always been considered by WordCamp Miami to be friends and supporters.

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Update: Thank you for the attention so far. Please if you can register and login to just update your avatar in time for this Friday that would be great. Thank you!

It’s exciting to talk about a side project, but as I type this I am sitting in a hotel room during the week of WordCamp US. And it’s almost my bed time. So just a quick summary will have to do for now.

If anyone remembers WPArmchair (which was a central place for some events and WordCamps to see a “social wall”) then this might interest you. If you like highly customized WordPress/BuddyPress sites, then this might interest you too. is a work in progress, but i’m ready to open it up to people who want to register and update their profile. The site CAN be considered to be a sequel to WPArmchair – a version 2.0 – but the site can do more than just monitor social feeds and updates from other events and WordCamps. In fact, I would say the OTHER two things i can do would be:

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.24.32 PM

  1. Allow members on the network to follow/join events and get notified when that event opens up it’s call for speakers and when the event starts to sell tickets. Personally I was tired trying to monitor a variety of different events and WordCamps and unless you were on Twitter all the time you eventually missed something.
  2. Users can update their profile on the site so others can see what events they have attended, are planning to attend, and what events they might be speaking at. Users can even make themselves a “speaker” user type and elect to advertise themselves as a speaker available for speaking roles. So if you’re looking for speakers, you can reach out to these ones via direct messaging.

I’m going to briefly showcase this BuddyPress site at WordCamp US during my talk on BuddyPress.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.24.56 PM

I would LOVE it if anyone can register, login, and simply update their profile and avatar so we can get the member page looking decent in time for the demo.

Of course this is a BETA so many things needs polish – from code to UX. But i’m looking forward to polishing this and making this available for people to simply add their WordCamp or event and automatically create a dedicated event section (which is in reality a BuddyPress group connected to a blog on a multisite network).

I want to also thank WPEngine for hosting this during WordCamp US weekend. They are on my short list of hosting companies I would trust with a BuddyPress + multisite project like this.

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WordCamp US Bowling Shirts

Recently WordCamp US announced the after-party at Luck Strike. If you plan on attending the after party, there’s a brief window to getting a WordPress bowling shirt for the event. Please read all the information below before submitting. And thank you!

Store Is Now Closed! Thanks To Everyone!

Update: The very kind Michelle Schulp has updated our wapuu design. See below.

Update: Women’s Sizes SHOULD be available (although just in case please fill out the ordering form fully) and women’s shirts will be WHITE (not BLACK). We have also removed one design because it wasn’t getting any love. We will reach out to the very few who bought it. You can change your design or you’ll get a refund.

– Sales end at 1pm EST tomorrow (November 19th) 10am EST November 20th.
– These will be American Apparel Next Level shirts (which is similar to American Apparel). As you’ll see in the order form, i will do my best to get women’s sizes. However there’s a chance I might be able to (or not enough, or in right sizes) due to inventory. Please check off if you would like to get a refund if we cannot get the women’s shirt.
– Shirts will delivered to me in time for WordCamp US. I will bring them up to me (or ship them directly to my hotel) in time for the Community Summit. If there is ANY delay or change of plans I will email you directly. If you’re attending the Community summit I can give the shirts out outside of the summit building at lunchtime, or you can find me Friday morning at the WordCamp US venue. Otherwise i’ll hand remaining shirts out at the after party.
– Pick a design but realize that designs might be tweaked at the last minute. Shirt colors are not guaranteed due to inventory. You must be happy with the worse case scenario of getting a black shirt with the artwork.
– While i have permission from WCUS, realize this is NOT an official product of the conference and this is all last minute. Ping me on Twitter if you have questions. Refund policy: for some reason i cannot get the women’s size (and you have checked off that you want the refund under that circumstance) or if by the after-party I don’t have your t-shirt then i’ll refund you via Paypal.
– There’s a slim chance that if you pick a design that isn’t popular (doesn’t sell more than one or two shirts) that i might ask you if you want another design OR issue you a refund.
– YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO RECEIVE THE SHIRT. If by some emergency you are not at WordCamp US let me know and we’ll see how we can get it to you. But please don’t order a shirt unless you plan be at WordCamp US unless you want to pay for shipping.
– In case you were wondering, i am NOT making profit and happy to share the receipts. If by some miracle I actually end up making money, i will donate the funds to the WordPress Foundation.


Shirt #2: maybe_pickup_spare()
Shirt #2: maybe_pickup_spare()
Shirt #3: "Wapuu Bowler"
Shirt #3: “Wapuu Bowler”

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Building Next-Generation Applications With BuddyPress

Screenshot 2015-11-09 14.16.11

As someone who doesn’t give WordCamp talks often (I organize them, like with WordCamp Miami which is coming up at Feb 19-21), it was especially humbling that I was choosen to speak at the very first WordCamp US (right now the schedule puts me in the late afternoon on Friday December 4th). That’s less than a month away as I write this.

My talk will be about BuddyPress. If you know me at all, this isn’t too surprising since i am (among doing complex WordPress themes and coding plugins) a BuddyPress developer (at various times in my schedule i’m almost a full-time developer on BuddyPress related projects). The talk is aimed at the general audience – perhaps you run a single site, you’re an agency, you work at a higher-educational institution, or you’re a developer trying to bring the maximum amount of value to your client projects.

I’ll be posting slides here right before my talk, but in the meantime there’s still time to grab tickets to WordCamp US. If you can get your butt there physically you can grab a live stream ticket. See you there, one way or the other.

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