Results of My Live “Rate My Talk With Emoji” At WPCampus

IMG_4930This past Saturday I made known a web app (built on WordPress and BuddyPress) that would allow someone (either physically at the conference or viewing livestream) to rate me live as I was giving the talk. The user would be able to click any of four emoji any number of times they want: heart, thumbs up, laugh/smile, and clap.

All of these are pretty much POSITIVE emoji, as I wanted to create an app that would allow people to get positive feedback about their talks. Eventually the app (which is tied into will allow speakers to select more emoji that might not be so positive – evenĀ šŸ’©.

I even purchased a domain name that might serve as a “shortlink” to these screens for speakers in the future:

As promised, i’m sharing my results of the scoring (note that for the sake of sharing this data I rounded numbers to nearest 5 minute increments – and keep in mind there was only a few testers). My WPCampus talk isn’t online yet, but you can see how my talk started at 11:15am EST and ended at noon. Apparently I was on a role around 11:35AMĀ and at the end multiple people “clapped”.

[visualizer id=”2132″]

So, after my experiment, here’s the question: would you find this tool useful? Would you be willing to help me test and refine this?

(BTW the web app in the future might also hold a simple “ask question” feature and hold links to speaker slides and key links).

David Bisset

David is a full-time freelancer who specializes in WordPress (and BuddyPress) for startups, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between. Organizer of WordCamp Miami for 5+ years.

3 thoughts on “Results of My Live “Rate My Talk With Emoji” At WPCampus

    1. Thanks for your support! We’ll be talking further.

      As for real time reaction, I thought about that. Other people voting should see some reactions but I think it might distract the speaker giving the talk. Of course the speaker could just pull up a version of the app if they really wanted to.

  1. In principle, I think this is a wonderful app. In the land of rainbows and unicorns, it would be great if it could also pull from a Twitter hashtag or combination of them (e.g. #wpcampus #sessionNN), though reducing tweets to sentiment might get tricky.

    I don’t know if I can help test, but ping me when you get to that stage and I’ll try to carve out space for it.

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