WordCamp San Francisco Job Postings

I’m currently at WordCamp San Francisco, and got here early so I took some high res pics of the “looking to hire” whiteboards here and posting them for those not at #wcsf (or those simply not able to stand that long in front of the whiteboard). This is how the board looked before doors opened on Day 2 (Saturday, July 23rd). I have also copied down the information here, although i can’t confirm it’s 100% accurate.


Looking to hire:

  • WPEngine.com/career
  • – “North Bay” Krosk.™
  • – haikodeck.com/jobs (3 openings)
  • quizlet.com
  • funcheap.com (looking for plugin developer + UI/UX) johnny@funcheap.com
  • automattic.com/jobs (12 openings)
  • Android Developer (jobs@emntopressed.com)
  • ticketfly.com (looking for multisite web debs) brandyeticketfly.com start.ticketfly.com
  • mediatemple.net is hiring
  • paidmembershipspro.com (plugin dev + support) @jasoncoleman
  • infomedia.com
  • pmcworld.com
  • 10up.com creative/dev/PM/sysadmin
  • WerkPress.com
  • brainstormedia.com/team
  • Modern Tribe (freelancers only) http://tri.be
  • www.betssondreamteam.com
  • WordPress designer (bourncreative.com/jobs)
  • Exygy.com
  • WP Developer (info@elefintdesigns.com)
  • VOCE Communcations (junior developer)
  • thedma.com.au (looking for gun website designers, freelancers)
  • jobs@vidcaster.com (WP Theme, design/developer, part time)
  • sharethis.com (engineers, project managers, scientists)
  • brainstormmedia.com/team
  • Looking for UI designer (freelance) @nonajnz
  • account management directer sales at Zedo in SF. buddy@zedo.com
  • Move to Norway! metronet.no/codepoet
  • www.openhand.org / e-news@openhand.org
  • WooCommerce troubleshooter needed jmek66@gmail.com
  • mediast.com seeking freelancers
  • Organic Themes Seeking Developer (Live In Hawaii) jeff@organicthemes.com





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David Bisset

David is a full-time freelancer who specializes in WordPress (and BuddyPress) for startups, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between. Organizer of WordCamp Miami for 10+ years.