BuddyPress Plugin – Community Activate v0.2.0

Had some time this weekend to make some updates to my plugin. Things are coming along, however remember that this plugin is still a work in progress and not approved for production. Use at your own risk.

What’s different w/ this version?

– Bug fix showing an incorrect error message when successfully activating a user on the waiting list.
– Biggest change is now there’s a control panel in the backend that allows you to (1) change general settings, including the ability to assign the number of activations allowed per user and (2) recent activations, which is something i plan on turning into something bigger later (right now it just shows last 100 activated people).

I welcome feedback and comments as always (for more of a backstory and what the plugin actually does see my last blog post).

Following the “just launch it” mantra!

Click here to download Community Activate v0.2.0 for BuddyPress.

Testing a new voicefresh plugin

I just got an invite to try this new voice press plugin. I install the plugin am testing the plugin by writing this blog post purely by the sound of my voice, and minor editing to add a link and capitalize the post title.

I already see a few mistakes but overall the quality of the plug in translating my voice is excellent. 1 thing that I discovered by using this plugin is that I write terrible blog posts with my voice versus writing them by hand.

The url of this plugin to download is: www.voicepress.it.