Speaker Slide Showdown?

So last week there was a discussion on Twitter regarding speaker’s submitting slides for review before that speaker gives a presentation at the WordCamp. I just wanted to touch on this and give my thoughts and feedback, and what WordCamp Miami’s past policies have been.

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WPArmchair Inspired “Taggregator” Now Being Tested On WordCamp Sites

This is cool… starting today with WordCamps Buffalo and Albuquerque a plugin called “Taggregator” is being tested (here’s the update on the Community WordPress page). Currently it appears on the homepages of the two WordCamp sites. Nice to see more features added to conference sites like this.

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WordCamp Miami 2013 Feedback


Although WordCamp Miami happened in early April, the feedback forms weren’t sent until almost four months later. As a WordCamp organizer, I would normally say that you should send the typical WordCamp feedback form anytime from the very hour the camp ends to 1-2 weeks later. Four months is normally too long and admittingly myself and the organizers of WordCamp Miami let this fall through the cracks, and next year we’ll be formally asking for feedback closer to the event’s closing.

But putting aside the “better late than never” logic, it was actually INTERESTING to see what stuck in people’s minds months later. And personally, at least this time around, i’m much more interested in that. Months later the feelings you have for an event are what really matter and what i think primarily direct to ever going to that event again in the future. It’s easy to remember that “the lunch line was slow” a week after the conference, but what thoughts and memories stay with you if you think about the event again in half a year? If it’s overall good feelings, than mission accomplished.

So, although this feedback is late, i still think it warrants consideration and sharing. Not to mention we did get emails, personal notes, message via social media, and tons of direct commentry weeks after the event. Personally, i had eight people approach me at WordCamp San Francisco in late July and told me how much they enjoyed the event (and that was without my prompting!). Continue reading “WordCamp Miami 2013 Feedback”