WordPress Plugin Workshop (January 5th 2019)

November 13, 2018

Ever Wanted To Build Your Own WordPress Plugin?

Many people from the WordPress meetups have been asking for a full day workshop on building WordPress plugins (and themes, but that’s another workshop for another time). We took a survey a while back to confirm the interest so happy to say it’s finally happening.

What: The WordPress Plugin Workshop is a near full-day workshop focused on instructing people to (1) learn how WordPress plugin work and (2) build a basic WordPress plugin from scratch.

Who This Workshop Is For: Freelancers, coders, and anyone who wants to be able to build and edit WordPress plugins for themselves, plugins they can fork/modify, and plugins that they build for clients. The workshop is going to cover a bit about how WordPress is built and the basics of how plugins – from the big to the small – work within WordPress. You don’t need to know PHP or CSS or JavaScript deeply but you SHOULD know a bit about them – we will be primarily coding in PHP but explaining what PHP functions WordPress uses. We aren’t teaching basic PHP or basic JavaScript – but you can learn the basics quick on these before the workshop.

Who This Workshop IS NOT For: If you have never coded before, have no idea what PHP or HTML is, or have never used WordPress before… this workshop isn’t for you right now. Come to a meetup instead.

Times: Workshop starts at 9am and ends around 2:30pm with a lunch break.

Date: January 5th, 2019

Location: University of Miami (Main Coral Gables Campus).

SkyLab by The Launch Pad
1210 Stanford Drive, First Floor
Coral Gables, FL 33146
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PARKING: There is limited metered street parking surrounding the building. Attendees may also park in the Pavia Garage located atĀ 5615 Pavia St, Coral Gables, FL 33146.Ā They should advise the parking attendant in the booth when they enter, who will direct them to guest parking. They will then need to pay the machine located near the elevators. PleaseĀ Please make sure attendees don’t park in the 3 spots in the circular driveway of the Wesley Foundation building.
Cost: Cost for this workshop is $50, but for a limited time until November 29th you can save $5 (use that money to get a coffee on the way to the event).

We are keeping the workshop SMALL so there are a limited numbers of seats. Once they are gone, they are gone and we’ll see if another workshop could be planned in the coming months.

What To Bring: If you have a wifi-capable laptop (or a tablet if you feel comfortable) please bring it. They are not required, but since the point of the workshop is for you to build a plugin, it’s highly recommended. A notepad and a pen is recommended too. Make sure devices are charged – limited outlets are available.

Any Perks: We will see, but at the very least i’m planning on providing code snippets that you can easily access, review, and copy during the class and afterwards. Depending on how many register, we might also have the ability to record the class – if we do, that will be available to the class afterwards. Any slides, code examples, videos, etc. presented during the class are made available to all attendees at no charge.

Food: As of now, you will be on your own for breakfast. There are several areas nearby for lunch that should be open (Subway and Starbucks), but we’ll confirm if lunch is catered or not by Jan. 1st.

Refunds: Refunds can be issued up to 7 days before the workshop. If there’s a waiting list and you refund, you cannot come back and grab back your spot (you’ll be added to a waiting list).

Student Discounts: There are no discountsĀ UNLESS you are a current student at University of Miami. If you are, contact me directly. There are a limited number of spots being held for UM students.

Please note that this event is not officially associated with the WordPress meetup or the WordPress Foundation.