“I Want A WordCamp Asia (WPAsia) Ticket”

October 31, 2022

Unofficial "I Want A WordCamp Asia Ticket" List

Fill in the information if you're looking for a WordCamp Asia 2022 ticket. Hopefully someone will reach out to you. This is not an official service or waitlist - just something I thought might help the community since WCAsia sold out quickly (with at least 1100 attending). My little way of giving back.

Only fill in the contact information you're comfortable with sharing. Not of this is required outside of your name.

This forms submits to a google spreadsheet that is public (but not editable, so it's possible some on the list might already have their ticket so ask/check their Twitter). View the spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Z8fMyxl8L8VuZMUICkJrezRUCFlKHDBbrnyV6hC8fg4/

Only in case something happens, I have backup entries on my local site which are kept securely and will all be deleted once WordCamp Asia 2023 starts. Also, the Zapier integration limit is about 100 (thanks to the free plan). So first 90+ entries here should appear on the spreadsheet.

Do not include the @.
Tweet out that you are looking for a ticket (use hashtag #WCAsiaTicket) and paste the URL here so someone can publicly confirm you still need the ticket and can respond, if that's what you want.