Mention of WordCamp Miami On DradCast

January 10, 2016

I didn’t want DradCast (particularly Brad Williams) mention of WordCamp Miami in the latest episode (with Zac Gordon) go unnoticed. Zac Gordon is being interviewed about JavaScript and mentions WordCamp Miami’s upcoming “Learn JavaScript Track”. Brad Williams makes some comments (start at 13:10 and again at 15:55)


“WordCamp Miami has a history of being trendsetters… If you have never been to WordCamp Miami and have been on the fence, you should go. It’s always a bit above and beyond most WordCamps. Not only is the content great (they get amazing speakers around the country and the word), they really think about the little details. And those little details add up and put the event over the top. If you are thinking about going, you should go. It’s a great event.”

It’s nice to be acknowledged, and it is truly a team effort (Ptah Dunbar – lead coordinator for 2016 – is mentioned and so am I, but last year and this year we have over 9 organizers on the committee not to mention dozens of other volunteers).

And if you are involved in WordPress and aren’t listening to the DradCast, change that now! Start listening. Dre and Brad have always been considered by WordCamp Miami to be friends and supporters.