My Favorite Keto Recipes

October 13, 2019

My Favorite Keto Recipes

These have recipes I’ve personally done, most more than once and on a regular basis. Most of these I experiment with a little but have followed the recipes at least once.

Monkey Bread


Verdict: The recipe is average, but not like how my mother made it. I made it again but with “Fathead Dough” and it came out much closer to what I thought was Monkey Bread. Either way expect to probably eat Keto Monkey Bread with a fork and not just “pluck it off with your hands”.

Almond Bread

There are MANY recipes. This is the one I used the most.


This one is tough. I got the recipe from a book. I only have this photo. But all pizza is (1) Make “Fat Head Dough” (2) Roll it flat (3) Still it in the oven for 8-10 minutes until it gets a little golden (4) Take it out of the over, add your toppings, and put it back into the oven until the cheese melts and bubbles a little.

I’ve also done deep dish pizza.

Pizza Rolls


Cinnamon Rolls

My favorite Keto food I think. These taste close to the real thing. Recipe: