Podcast on Tech Conferences

January 5, 2015

So I thinking about starting a podcast on:

  • Organizing tech conferences (large and small).
  • Interviews with current event organizers – interesting bits other organizers would benefit from.
  • Tips about speaking at events and conferences.
  • Tech conference industry coverage (trends, diversity, ticket prices, etc.).
  • What tech conferences people would recommend attending to other tech folks.
  • This would not be an exclusive WordPress / WordCamp podcast.

Why Another Podcast?

Well. Certainly this can’t be the worst subject for a podcast, unless you think Grown Ups 2 is a great movie (go ahead, click that link).

First, let me stress the LAST bullet above. This isn’t another “WordPress” podcast. Other podcasts cover these topics, so my idea isn’t unique. But I would hope WordPress and WordCamp people would get something from it and any guests.

After i moderated the WordPress Conference Round Table Discussion on WordSesh a few weeks back, I threw out the idea of perhaps continuing some of the topics I was discussing (with my great hosts Jenny Wong, Kiko Doran, and Ryan Sullivan) and the idea was warmly received.

Actually, the idea was FIRST conceived when i pitched this to Ryan Imel at WPCandy. We were actually going forward with this… but never made it far (if you know the history of WPCandy, this talking happened about a month or two before the site stopped being active).


  • I don’t feel this is a podcast worthy of weekly episodes (plus I have no time for that).
  • The podcast would be monthly or would be a series of episodes (think TV seasons or series… first season would be six episodes of the course of a couple of months).
  • Guest hosts for every episode. The less I talk the better.
  • Short and straightforward: 30-40 minutes

So, here’s the question:

Would you listen? What topics would you want heard discussed?

What speakers would you like to hear (someone from your favorite conference, a favorite speaker, or maybe someone who can relate how they get the most of attending conferences)?

I’m listening.