Special Thanks To Those Who Helped Me Get To WordCamp San Francisco

July 23, 2013

Special Thanks To Those Who Helped Me Get To WordCamp San Francisco

I was nervous reaching out to the WordPress community for help to get myself to WordCamp San Francisco. Although always buying the livestream ticket (and sometimes getting the t-shirt) I never managed to physically get myself there. WordCamp San Francisco is a large WordCamp, practically “the” WordCamp because that’s where it all started, for many WordPress people. Not everyone automatically goes every year, even if their schedule allows it. Most of these already have been to WCSF though.

So I wanted to at least go once. Most likely next year i’ll pick other WordCamps to attend that i’ve never been (Las Vegas? New York?) but San Fran was my target.

I wanted to thank those who donated to the cause of getting me there. I wasn’t in financial ruins or disabled, so I just asked for additional small work to add to my travel fund. And a few people came to bat for me and I greatly appreciated it. Here’s the list of those i want to thank from the bottom of my heart:

Boone Gorges
Kyle Wakefield
Per Esbensen

There were actually a few others that didn’t want to be mentioned. If i forgot anyone, please let me know. But i thank everyone for their help and support.

If you want to fund future WordCamp trips of mine, feel free to refer me WordPress and BuddyPress related work.