WordCamp Miami 2015: Call For Organizers And Designers

September 13, 2014

WordCamp Miami 2015: Call For Organizers And Designers

WordCamp Miami 2014 was not only the largest WordCamp in South Florida, but also was one of the biggest WordCamps of the year in the United States. We had 770+ people attend over the course of three days. We had great overall feedback from that event – and I am convinced that it would NEVER have gone off ANYWHERE REMOTELY as smooth as it did without the help of our volunteers. I made that apparent at the event – both vocally and by handing out some great WordCamp Miami mugs that we got JUST for the volunteers.

As I write this, we are preparing to move forward in securing venues and doing initial setup for WordCamp Miami 2015. We are looking for two types of help right now:

1. We are looking for organizers to add to our WordCamp Miami planning committee. That might sound like alot of effort and time to devote… but some positions we are looking to fill really don’t require much time at all. Having organizers cover things – even relatively small ones – helps free up OTHER organizers time and attention. As an organizer, you’ll get a backstage pass to how decisions are made (and of course you’ll be involved in making decisions as well). We want our event to be more diverse and attentive to all the varieties of people we have attend WordCamp Miami. Our conference is a community driven local event, so we can use your help. If you want to talk to some of our current (or even past) planning committee members to see what it’s like, let me know!

2. We are looking for designers willing to volunteer a little time and effort in some WordCamp related items. If you are a graphic designer or an artist that can whip up logos, design t-shirts, website graphics, etc. then please reach out to us.

You can reach out by sending an email to miami@wordcamp.org or contacting me directly.

It’s too early to give specifics publicly, but high level volunteers, organizers, and those who partner with us usually have access to exclusive events and gifts as our way of saying thanks. 🙂

I’ll post more WordCamp Miami updates on my blog, particularly when more information about a date/venue becomes available.