WP Engine Now Has “Git-Push-To-Deploy”

July 24, 2012

I’ve been using WP Engine for about a year now, but heavily over the last six months. The usage has increased because i’m basically recommending it to any and all WordPress clients. So yes, i guess you can call me a fan. I’m a fan primarily because the features and services they offer are streamlined for the kind of sites that i build. Case in point the development/staging server you can create with a single click.

Well WP Engine has released a Git-push-to-deploy for their customers. This is the pitch from WP Engine on this cool feature: “In other ecosystems, software engineers have benefitted from using version control as a best practice for years, but the concept has mostly been absent from the WordPress space. This is despite the reality that 1 in 6 websites are running on the CMS. WP Engine, as a leading WordPress Hosting platform, is hoping to bring this practice into the mainstream of WordPress by offering our customers a git-based version control and deployment solution.

You can’t really disagree with that. And Git right now is the bee’s knees. But in general any version control is usually a good thing:

1. Developers can manage source code to maintain integrity
2. Backups of code are created easily
3. Collaboration on development teams is much easier

So now developers can now take advantage of WP Engine’s staging area and version control in their development projects, making WP Engine a great WordPress developer platform.

I was really fortunate to get a heads up on this feature and i’m excited to see it in action. Admittingly I’m helping WP Engine here spread the word, but they deserve it in my mind. And if you ever see how often I actually write a blog post, you’ll know that when i do it must be important.

If you don’t know about WP Engine, check them out. They have over 4,000 customers and 46,000 domains. And a money-back guarantee thing.